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外交部发言人耿爽就美国国会众议院全会通过 “香港人权与民主法案”答记者问。耿爽表示:


we express strong indignation on and firm opposition tothe us house of representative's passage of the so-called hong kong human rights and democracy act.


the current situation in hong kong has nothing to do with human rights or democracy. the real issue is to promptly end violence, restore order and safeguard the rule of law. the us house of representatives is disregarding and distorting facts by referring to serious criminal offenses such as arson, smashing of shops and violence against police officers as an issue of human rights and democracy. that is a stark double standard. it fully exposes the shocking hypocrisy of some in the us on human rights and democracy and their malicious intention to undermine hong kong's prosperity and stability to contain china's development.


the us has important interests in hong kong. if the relevant act were to become law, it would not only harm china's interests and china-us relations, but would also seriously damage us interests. china will definitely take strong countermeasures in response to the wrong decisions by the us side to defend its sovereignty, security and development interests.

我想再次强调,香港是中国的香港,香港事务纯属中国内政,不容任何外部势力干预。我们奉劝美方认清形势,悬崖勒马,立即停止推动审议有关涉港法案,立即停止插手香港事务、干涉中国内政。i reiterate: hong kong is part of china and hong kong affairs are purely china's internal affairs that brook no foreign interference. we urge the us side to come to a clear assessment of the situation, immediately stop pushing the hong kong-related act and stop meddling in hong kong affairs and china's internal affairs before falling off the edge of the cliff.



playing hong kong as a card will get the us nowhere


some american politicians have kept bent on passing hong kong-related bills including the so-called "hong kong human rights and democracy act of 2019", ignoring the facts and confounding right with wrong. by doing so, they have openly endorsed anti-china troublemakers in hong kong, tested the red line of the "one country, two systems" principle, grossly interfered with hong kong affairs and china's internal affairs as a whole, and trampled upon international law and basic norms governing international relations. we express strong indignation over and condemn such actions, which have again exposed the politicians' gangster logic and hegemonic mindset.


in the name of "human rights and democracy", these politicians have attempted to undermine hong kong's role as the international financial, trading and shipping center, intimidated the just forces committed to stopping violence and ending the chaos, and unscrupulously provided shelter for the violent extremists in hong kong. it fully proves that it is exactly these politicians who have been orchestrating the chaos behind the scenes, and that some forces in the us have plotted to instigate a "color revolution" in hong kong and play the city as a card so as to fish in troubled waters and hold back china's development. such evil intentions have been laid bare.

这些美国政客将自己摆在“法官”和“教师爷”的位置上,对香港事务和中国内政大放厥词,对中国中央政府和特区政府抹黑诋毁。我们不禁要问:你们哪来的资格和底气,对一个自由度和法治排名均高于自己的别国地区指手画脚?你们对美国内处置示威活动充分授权、毫不手软,对仅在2017年美警方就开枪打死近千人的事实视而不见、避而不谈,却对香港警方极度克制执法、依法维护法治横加指责,对香港社会迫切要求止暴制乱、维护法治的主流民意和强烈呼声充耳不闻,这不是双重标准又是什么?!these politicians have put themselves in a position to judge and dictate, made unwarranted comments about hong kong affairs and china's internal affairs as a whole, and slung mud at the central and the sar governments. we cannot help but ask: what has given them such confidence to point fingers at a region of another country, while the region ranks higher than the us in terms of freedom and rule of law? also, while showing no mercy in tackling demonstrations in their own country and turning a blind eye to the fact that us police shooting caused a casualty of nearly 1,000 in 2017 alone, these politicians have made groundless accusations against the hong kong police who have enforced and defended the law with utmost restraint, and turned a deaf ear to the mainstream public opinion in hong kong calling for stopping the chaos and violence and safeguarding the rule of law. what else can it be but typical double standard?

香港回归以来,“一国两制”在香港的实践取得了举世公认的成功。香港作为国际金融、航运、贸易中心的地位不断巩固,香港同胞享有比历史上任何时候都广泛的民主权利和自由。这是任何不带偏见的人士都不会否认的事实!since hong kong's return, the practice of "one country, two systems" in the sar has been a universally recognized success, with hong kong's status as the international financial, aviation and trading center further strengthened, and the people of hong kong enjoying more extensive democratic rights and freedoms than ever. it is a fact that anyone without bias will acknowledge.


hong kong's success has been the result of the toil and perseverance of its people with the strong support of china's mainland and in the lion rock spirit. it has never been and will never be a gift granted by foreign countries. any attempt by foreign forces to split china is pipe dream.the 1.4 billion chinese people, including our 7.5 million hong kong compatriots, will never be cowered or subdued by any foreign coercion or pressure.


we urge the relevant american politicians to grasp the trend of the times, immediately stop advancing the bills, and refrain from meddling with hong kong affairs and china's internal affairs as a whole. let us repeat our message to the politicians: you will get nowhere by playing hong kong as a card, but will only end up shooting yourselves in the foot.

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